17 March 2009


OK, not been very good at this.

Basically, my first fill was very traumatic.  It scared me off from getting more and I just didn't trust the doctor to know what he's doing.  I also had a little issue of money - $100 a pop is just too much.  So I survived on one fill of 3ml from November til now.  I slowly started to eat whatever I wanted until I had gained all but 500 grams of the weight back again.

That all changed today.  I went to a new doctor.  This one not only bulk bills (sends bill to government to pay) and I pay $10 for the needle, she is also probably the most experienced person in Australia at this.  She was the buisness partner of Dr. George Fielding who is kinda the father of lapbands in Australia (and now works in USA).  So what she doesn't know, you don't wanna know.

I was basically a mess.  Felt like I was going to throw up - and the suite being up on the 5th floor didn't help - fear of heights and all that.  But I made it.  She gave me a small local to help with my anxiety - hey, if its all numbed, then I'm not going to feel anything anyway and it was over in a flash.  I am now the proud owner of 5ml in my band!  woo hoo.

So, today its liquids, tomorrow its moosh and then back onto good food.  Only its back to eating healthy, sensible, weightloss friendly foods.  No more bread and coke!  Yes, I'm ashamed to admit, I've been having these every day.

Oh and my first PB was 2 weeks ago on KFC - but then a lot of people have their first on that.

10 January 2009

Statistics Update

M'Ment.....Was.............. Now
Weight:...107.5 kilo.......101 kilo

Thighs........71.5cm.......... 68cm


Going by the measurements, not a whole lot has changed. I don't look different in the mirror, my weight isn't all that much different really and yet I'm getting into smaller clothes. In the end, its the clothes I go by.

Its in the jeans

It has been a while since I posted. In the meantime, I spent a week over xmas with my family in Melbourne. I didn't focus on my diet while there, but then I didn't eat a whole lot at meal times either. Did do a bit more chocolate and chocky covered nuts that I would have liked!

Got back to Brissy and got a lovely case of gastro, so not much eating then either. Well, gastro is over now (almost) and I'm back to feeling hungry and eating again. Think is, I'm not really eating all that much. I'm filling up on coffee and still getting stuck into the coke zero. Not supposed to I know, but I'm having no side affects that I can see.

Still only have 1 fill despite being banded end of October. I was due to go in end of December, but doc would be on holidays then, so left it. Have booked in and next one will be 18 Feb. I'm not in a huge hurry because I want the weight loss to be permanent. I also want to give my body time to adjust and the skin to shrink back.

Great news is I can now fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear for a very long time. I even fit into some clothes that I bought for "one day" and haven't been able to wear before. Best news is, I got up this morning and tried my size 18 jeans. These jeans have no give in them. They are an 18, end of story. I got these jeans, put them on could just do them up, then stacked on a whole lot of weight. So, never worn them. Well, they now fit. I need to lose about 1 cm off my tum for them to be really comfy, but I could wear them now without them being too uncomfy. Just couldn't do a lot of bending over. This is wonderful news and I feel really excited about it.