05 October 2008

Steps 2 & 3

Step 2.

I went to see the psychologist. This is a requirement of the surgery. He agreed I need the surgery. I'm not going to lose this weight any other way now. I will be seeing him a couple of more times after surgery just to see how I'm fairing. Very important as there will be some emotional/psychological issues to deal with I'm sure.

Step 3.

I saw the dietitian this week. Another must. She said my eating style was perfect for the lap band. I don't eat often, but I eat big when I do. Lap bands don't help grazers as its all about quantity of food.

I've been given the rules to follow and told to start now.
Drink 10 minutes before eating or
Drink 30 minutes after eating.
On no account am I to drink while eating.

I've started this and its not easy. I'm doing pretty well, but I have to say right here, bread is off the menu! lol

I have to replace 3 meals a day with optifast shakes, for 14 days prior to surgery. This is going to be a bit of a blow to the system, so I will be starting 4 days before this. 2 days just having breakfast replaced. 2 days having breakfast and lunch replaced, then 14 days on optifast. It will be a much gentler introduction. I'm actually going to go and buy my first week's supply tomorrow.

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