31 October 2008

On the other side

Where has the time gone? Its been 2 weeks since I posed in here.

Well, I did really well on the diet for one week, then I just couldn't cope. I didn't have the energy I needed in order to do my job, so I took up eating extra food. Of course, bread was part of that. In the end I lost 2.4 kilos, which was mostly water retention, but I've also lost cms all over, so that's OK.

The operation was Wednesday (2 days ago). I wasn't prepared for the amount of pain I would experience. Both shoulder blades, my spine and along the right shoulder top and up my neck into my head were in pain. It was like I had caught a chill or something. Most of the gas has gone now (farted - the usual way) and most of the pain. I still have the occasional twinge in my shoulder, but now I can feel the cuts more. At first they were just sore, but now they also feel tender. I also discovered I have an allergy to the surgical tapes used on my dressings *sigh*

Well, its been water and apple juice since the op. I was given clear chicken soup on the night of the op and I've had 2 cupasoups since, but no real nutrition. I've also been really hungry. I called my dietitian today and got the good news, I can now move on to other liquids besides clear. Can't have huge amounts, but at least I can have something with a bit of flavour in! I'm allowed to have milk shakes now - woohoo.

This morning I did a bit of tidy up around the house. Nothing strenuous, but I am sick of looking at the place in a mess. I've decided there are no excuses anymore. This is my life and I need to take some control of it. I get to say what happens. I get to decide how it will be lived. I think I've hidden behind my fat for far too long.

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