19 November 2008


Things I've noticed so far:

*I"m going longer between needing to eat. Even if I do feel hungry, I seem to be able to wait it out much better, there's not the overwhelming need to stuff my face.

*My clothes are looser. Even my work pants are bigger around the stomach, which has always been the one place it never seemed to move from.

*I have more energy. I'm chasing the kids at work and I'm getting to the end of a work day, tired but not drained.

*I really have no desire for coke, chocolate or lollies anymore.

Just small things, but they mean a lot to me. It means it is all working and I am losing the weight, its just going to be at a much slower pace than most. Until I get to a certain point I reckon. Then the PCOS will go into remission and the loss will speed up.

Was supposed to go to dietitian this week, but there was a stuff up with dates and stuff, so it ended up being cancelled. Next appointment is 17th December. I will be heaps skinnier by then. Certainly, I will have had a fill and it will be paying off.

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