12 November 2008

End of time off

I rand the surgeon's nurse today. Apparently, my hunger is most likely gas pains and I need to keep taking degas tabs to deal with it.

Back to work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, but then again I am. It will give me something else to do with my time besides hang around the house getting more of nothing done. It also means I will have money to do other things *sigh*

My clothes are roomier now, my top is starting to hang off me which is nice. Not all clothes of course, oh no! Not my work uniform, but my casual clothes. My jeans are fitting me just nicely.

Back to work tomorrow. I have a list of dates to request late shifts (which won't be a problem) and then to request a day off because of doctor's appointments, (might be a bit trickier). Haven't put down the 3 days I need off before we close because we're flying to Melbourne. Didn't want the list to appear like I was making demandds. I did mention the trip at my interview and it was agreed to, just need to remind her closer to that time, like 2 weeks before.

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