07 November 2008

Moving on

Saw dietitian today. I'm now progressing to the mushy stage of this life change. I'll be eating around 1/2 cup of mooshy 5 times a day. 3 meals and 2 snacks. Not a lot of food, but I have to be careful not to stretch the pouch at this stage.

She was concerned when I said I could feel the band. It seems some fluid was put in during the operation, so I've had some restriction all along. At least I know I'm not going ga-ga. Will be confirming this soon though.

I feel really good about moving on to the next stage. I can't have food the way others do yet, but at least its real food! No more meal replacements shakes until I get a fill. Its suggested you go back on liquids for 24 hours after a fill, so I will keep them in the cupboard for that, but the rest of the time, its food! food! food!

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