16 November 2008

Feed me!!!!!!!!!

Well, work went OK. 2 days back was enough for the first week, mind you, its back to 5 days next week.

Off to see the dietitian first thing in the morning. Finger's crossed she says I can start back on 'real' food on Tuesday. I'm at the point now where I'm hungry all the time and the only thing that stops me eating myself sick is I just don't have enough food in the house for me to do that.

Off to a lapbanders lunch get together today. I went to my first one about 3 months ago and it went well. Am looking forward to going back now that I'm on the other side. I'm just going to order some nice soup. Failing that, some mashed potato will do (with some cheese in it perhaps?)

I got into a house cleaning mood last night, so I was up til 4am cleaning the house. It really needed it and I felt good doing it too. I have a couple of boxes in the dining room to remove and then its back to being a dining room. I straightened up all the books in the lounge area so the 2 small bookshelves there look really neat and tidy for the first time. Just got a shelf in the dining room to do and that's done.

I mopped floors, I wiped down walls and the skirting boards (which don't get done enough I'm afraid) and generally felt great. Not so great was then only getting 3 hours sleep because Beloved burnt his breakfast and the smoke alarm went off.

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