16 November 2008

The way forward

I work in child care, which you know if you follow this blog. Child care was never a vocation for me. It is for my sister, but not for me. I had spent 7 years traveling and working around Australia when I came to Queensland. I met my partner the same day I arrived and a month later moved from where I'd met him to Brisbane. A few months after that we moved in together. So I figured, new state, new man what about a new career? It was down to child care or aged care. I preferred aged care, but child care left my weekends free.

Now 4 year's later, it has done what it needed to do. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job. I do have a good time at work and when outside with the children, I get in and play with them rather than stand around - makes the time go faster. Its just not the career for me is all.

So, I've decided to listen to my heart, my conscious, my soul, my guardian angel - whatever you call it. I've known most of my life that I was here to help people to heal. I've known since I was 22 that I would one day have a meditation and relaxation retreat. I've also known what it would be called. Never did it though, why? Dunno, but I think partly I never felt like I 'deserved' it.

Now I've decided its time to stop mucking about and wasting time and to make moves in that direction, so to this end, I've enrolled to study Western Herbal Medicine. It will take me 3 years and cost me just under $13,500 to complete, but that's OK. I will try to do as much as possible earlier on so I can speed it up a bit, but I'm committed to the 3 years if that's what it takes.

I've had a love-hate relationship with herbs. I have rather perfectionist personality (you wouldn't guess with my weight problem and all, now would you?), and I really hate to do something if I don't know anything about it. Kinda dumb I know cause there was always a point when I had to learn something new. Anyway, the spiritual side of me says this was simply to keep me away from all of this until I was ready. Now I'm ready.

I'm not going to just stop with herbalism though, I want to expand and learn other things, like NLP or Bowen Therapy, but all in good time. For now, just working full time and studying will be enough. I have definitely placed my feet on a new path and I like it.

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