08 November 2008

Oh woe!

Last night was a lesson for me in the power of the band. I was hungry around 10.30 last night and we didn't have anything in the house that was appropriate for me to eat (not enough protein, can't blend that down, blah blah blah), so I decided to make myself a milk shake. Its just milk, baking cocoa and honey. Very rich chocolate flavour and nicely sweetened by the honey.

Anyway, I had a lot of pain last night. It shot out to the right and under my breast and felt like someone had carved a line there with a knife, then left it stuck in. When I awoke this morning it was gone. But I was in tears last night. I think the drink was way too much (about 3 times as much) and way too cold. It quite possibly 'froze' the band and caused it to shrink.

This morning I had some porridge and waited 35 minutes to have my coffee. I'm not feeling any pain, but I don't have that 'full' feeling either. In fact, my stomach feels like it does just before it starts to give me the ravenous signals. I'm having to learn to ignore my body's physical signals because I can't get the food down there now. Its a horrible place to be in. I guess after a while it will do things to my head, but not a pleasant way to do it.

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